image of Bay to Breakers poster, 16 by 20 inches, white background

This 16 X 24 inch poster was designed using 16 T-shirts. The design includes the runner's name as a header, the name of the race and the years as a footer, and the race time as a caption for each of the images. Each image is outlined in blue.16 X 24 inches is one of our standard sizes, and is an excellent choice if you have four or more T-shirts or other items you want to include in your poster. See our Layouts page for information about standard sizes and designs.

This poster uses the same images, headers, footers and captions as the previous poster, but uses a blue background and an orange outline for the images. See our Layouts page for our standard colors. If you don't see what you want, we can work with any color you define for us.

image of Bay to Breakers poster, 16 by 20 inches, blue background Pikes Peak Marathon and Ascent with Medals

This 16 X 20 inch poster has eight T-shirt images, and a photo of the finisher's medals. The images for this design are square. We can include almost anything from your races in your poster: photos, keychains, anything that we can photograph.

Pikes Peak Marathon Ts with Pikes Peak in the background

This custom design uses a photo of Pikes Peak as the background to a grid of race T-shirts. For the background of your poster, we can use images that you may have in digital form already, or we can scan printed items such as maps, consent forms and so forth.

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