Step-by-Step Ordering Instructions

  1. Select and Prepare Your T-Shirts and Other Items
    • Decide what you want on your Art Poster or Canvas Print. T-shirts (front and/or back), Jackets, Sweatshirts, Bibs, Medals, Trophies, Photos--anything we can photograph or scan is fair game.
    • Make sure your items are cleaned and ready for their close-up.
  2. Fill Out your Order Form
    • Use the links at the bottom of this page to get our Order Form in either PDF or MS Word format.
    • Give us your digits
      • And your address. And your email--that's especially important so we can communicate if any questions arise.
    • Select your Layout
      • See the Layouts page on our website for ideas to display your memories as posters or canvas prints
      • You can choose a layout that accommodates captions, or one that doesn't. And headers and footers are optional and can be left out of any layout.
      • If you don't see a layout you like, or don't see any that will fit the number of items you have, contact us for ideas on how to make it work.
    • Choose your Colors
      • Decide what color(s) you want for your background, image outlines, header, footer, and captions. Our Layouts page has sample colors.
    • Type your text
      • What would you like to see for your header and footer? Use about 20 characters per line, two lines per Header or Footer.
    • Find your Fonts
      • Choose from twelve fonts that range from the serious to the whimsical. Decide if you want text to be bold or italic, or go for an embroidered look, if you like.
    • Arrange your images
      • We can do this for you or you can get your ideas in. What order would you like the T-shirts to be in? Chronological? Alphabetical? In ascending or descending order? Arranged so that the colors are evenly distributed?
      • Would you like captions on each image with the year, your race time, a brief quip? If you selected a layout that accommodates captions, you can add them to all or just some of your images.
      • If you want to specify the order or add captions make sure to mark your T-shirts with painter's tape (it won't leave a sticky residue like some other tape) and number the images to keep them in order.
      • List it all out for us or let us do the heavy lifting.
  3. Send us your Stuff
    • Packed neatly and securely so nothing bends, breaks or falls out. Make sure your items are numbered with painter's tape if you want us to keep things in a certain order or match them up with your captions. If you have a group of things (like medals) you want on one image, pack them together in a single plastic bag. If you have flat things like photos or bibs, pack them between pieces of cardboard to keep them straight. You can send us any high resolution images you have in digital form through email.
    • Send everything via your local U.S. Post Office, UPS or FedEx. We highly recommend you use a tracking number so you can make sure your things got where you intended them to go. You might also consider insurance for extra peace of mind.
    • Make sure you purchase a prepaid return label with the same level of tracking and insurance to make it easy to return your items when we're done creating your artwork.
    • Don't forget to sign and include your order form!
  4. Pay Your Deposit
    • Once we get your shirts and other items along with your order form we will invoice you for a deposit.
    • When we have your shirts and deposit, the art making can begin!
  5. Review Your Art
    • We will photograph, scan or otherwise digitize your mementos. We will do any cropping, expanding, color correcting or digital repair( removing stains, making holes and paint splatters disappear, etc) that is needed.
    • Once the creative process has worked its magic, we will provide you with a digital proof to review. This is your chance to make sure we spelled everything right, that the image order is pleasing to the eye and accurate per your instructions and that the background and outline colors work as well as you hoped.
    • We will make one set of changes on colors, text and image order at no additional charge.
    • Anything beyond that? Contact us and we will discuss.
  6. Pay Your Balance Due
    • Now that you've seen and approved of your DigiTeeze art, you can choose your output format and order online. Select either a standard or canvas print. With a print you can add special mounting, select a frame, mat and glass type if you like. You can pay the balance due and have your DigiTeeze art shipped directly to your door.
  7. Hang Your Art on the Wall
    • When you get your DigiTeeze poster or print you are ready to display your T-short memories at home or in the office.
    • Enjoy!
DigiTeeze Order Form in PDF format DigiTeeze Order Form in MS Word Format
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